140 Dub

140 Dub

Element One brings you the sound of 140 Dub - a deep and weighty venture into the sound of Dub music with a modern 140 twist, inspired by artists such as Kahn, Karma, Headland, Quasar, Hebbe, and Versa. This fresh sample pack features an extensive collection of both loops and one-shot samples locked in at 140bpm, all prepared to drop into your next Dub, Dubstep/140, Jungle, or Reggae production.


Pack Demo [Listen Here]


Within 140 Dub, you’ll find:


Drum & Percussion Loops: 

A selection of rugged beats, steppers, and lofi dubbed out beats with a varied selection of grooves to draw from, and including accompanying top loops (Kick removed). You’ll also find a varied selection of percussion loops for adding extra groove and variation to your rhythm section.


Bass Loops & One Shots: 

A selection of weighty basses, including deep subs, wubs, skanks, pulses, swells, and wobbles.


Melodic & Chord Loops: 

A selection of melodic elements including piano chords, skanks, synth swells, light wubs, and sirens.


Drum One Shots:

A crafty selection of drum one shots, including kicks, hats, snares, percussion, cymbals, rims, and shakers.


FX Loops: 

A variety of atmosphere loops, risers, tape delay swells and FX, reverse FX, sirens, synth zaps, and vinyl crackle for adding extra detail, depth, and atmosphere to your productions.


FX One-Shots: 

A selection of sirens, synth zaps, FX percussion, and impacts.


All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 44.1kHz and 24bit and are all tempo labelled so that you can explore these with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty-free. 

  • Specs

    243x Total Samples

    42x Drum Loops

    43x Bass Loops

    24x Melodic & Chord Loops

    11x Percussion Loops

    34x Bass One Shots

    43x Drum One Shots

    27x FX Loops

    19x FX One Shots