'96 Jungle

'96 Jungle

Element One brings you the sound of 1996 Jungle. This pack is an ode to the original heads who pioneered the sound of Jungle in the 90’s. The pack draws from the sound palette of legendary artists such as Photek, Source Direct, Dillinja, and Goldie. Expect raw and tight drum breaks, deep basslines, nostalgic melodies, cerebral FX, and so much more.


Pack Demo [Listen Here]


In detail, expect to find 30 Drum Breaks, including 10 processed breaks, 10 Hi-Hat loops, 8 Percussion loops including shakers and cymbals, 27 FX loops including risers, atmospheres, vinyl crackle, glitches, zaps, foley, and more, 35 Bass Loops including Acid basslines, Double Bass, Synth Bass, Electric Bass, 808’s, and Sub Bass, 20 Synth Pad Loops, 25 melodic loops including strings, vibraphone, electric piano, synth plucks, synth choir, and synth sequences, plus plenty of one shot samples including 12 snare hits, 10 hi-hat one shots, 15 percussion one-shots, 20 Bass one-shots, and 25 FX one-shots including Synth zaps, glitches, Industrial one-shots, vocal one-shots, plus plenty more experimental FX.


All locked in at 170bpm.


This is the ultimate Jungle Toolkit.


These sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 44.1kHz and 24bit and are all tempo labelled so that you can explore these with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty free. 

  • Specs

    • 237 Total Samples 

    • 30 Drum Break Loops

    • 10 HiHat Loops

    • 8 Percussion Loops

    • 27 FX Loops

    • 35 Bass Loops

    • 20 Pad Loops

    • 25 Melodic Loops

    • 12 Snare Hits

    • 10 Hi-Hat Hits

    • 15 Percussion Hits

    • 25 FX Hits

    • 20 Bass Hits