Electro 2021: Serum Presets

Electro 2021: Serum Presets

Element One proudly presents Electro 2021: Serum Presets - a deep, bass-heavy snapshot of the contemporary Electro sound. This diverse preset pack explores the sound design of Electro, inspired by artists such as Jensen Interceptor, Assembler Code, Aloka, and Cygnus.


Pack Demo [Listen Here]


Within this preset pack, you’ll find Bass Plucks, Reso Basses, Deep Pads, Mighty Saws, Square Basses, Acid synths, Bright synths, classics pads, Synth leads, FM Swells and textures, Squelches, FX atmospheres, Glitches, Noise layers, Synth zaps, classic Synth FX, and rhythmic FX.


Each preset has been designed to give you the best sound upon loading, whilst still providing you entire creative control over the shaping of the sound to fit right into your production. Each preset has the mod-wheel and 4 macro controls mapped to the best parameters within Serum so that you can quickly get tone-shaping right away.


This pack is the perfect addition for the cutting edge Electro producer looking to explore and expand their sound.


All drum samples heard on this Demo track are available from the Electro 2021 sample pack, available here.

  • Specs

    43x Total Presets

    12x Bass Presets

    17x Synth Presets

    14x FX Presets