OSCO: Drum & Bass

OSCO: Drum & Bass

Element One and OSCO proudly present OSCO: Drum & Bass.


Bristol-based music producer OSCO, has taken over sound systems worldwide through his captivating eastern-inspired original productions. OSCO has distinguished himself with his unrivalled ability to use unique yet powerful drums, intricate and dark basses, and captivating melodics and atmospheres. OSCO’s unique sound blends a variety of styles, yet consistently delivers Dark and Intriguing arrangements, bringing heat to the UK Underground sound.


Pack Demo [Listen Here]


Drawing on OSCO’s unique sound palette and sound design skills, this pack is the perfect addition for the DnB producer looking for a fresh, heavyweight sound that will suit all styles of Drum & Bass and Bass Music, whether it be Rollers, Dancefloor, Halftime, Jungle, 140, Neuro, or Minimal.


OSCO: Drum & Bass includes the following:


Bass Loops & One Shots: 

A selection of Full Bass Stem loops, plus individual layers, including Bass Growls, Pulses, Stabs, Swells, Wubs, Distorted, Filtered, and FM.


Drum Loops: 

A selection of Heavy-duty rollers, Minimal beats, and Drum breaks, all with separate top loops (Kick removed). Also including Kick & Snare loops, Drum Fills, and Hat Loops.


Drum & Percussion One Shots: 

A selection of Kicks, Snares, Claps, Rims, Hats, Tambourine, and Shakers.


Percussion Loops: 

A diverse mix of percussion layers.


Synth Loops:

A selection of melodic elements, including Keys Loops, Deep Pads, Ominous Drones, Synth Plucks, and Synth Bleeps.


FX One Shots: 

Impacts, Noise Hits, Reverse FX, Swooshes, Sirens, FX Swells, Reverb FX, plus a selection of experimental one-shots.



A diverse range of Risers for bringing tension and suspense to your productions.


Atmosphere Loops: 

Tense atmospheres, Drones, Experimental Synth Pads, and City Ambience.



All these sounds are downloadable in HD WAV at 44.1kHz and 24bit and are all tempo labelled so that you can explore these with maximum ease. All loops and one-shot samples are 100% royalty free. 


Follow OSCO:

YouTube: OSCO Music

Instagram: @osco_music

Soundcloud: @osco_official

Facebook: @OSCOmusic

  • Specs

    237x Total Samples

    41x Bass Loops

    53x Drum Loops

    13x Synth Loops

    20x Percussion Loops

    18x Atmosphere Loops

    20x Drum & Percussion One Shots

    33x Bass One Shots

    21x FX One Shots

    3x Vocals

    15x Risers