Techno Noir Vocals 2

Techno Noir Vocals 2

Get vocals flowing through the rave with Element One’s ‘Techno Noir Vocals’. Inspired by the music of Amelie Lens, Daniel Avery, and Charlotte de Witte, this pack features 75x Processed and 77x Unprocessed Vocal samples for adding a dark, moody, and deep tone to your next track. All loops and one-shot samples within are 100% royalty free. 


Pack Demo [Listen Here]


Element One have provided you with 77x Dry and unprocessed vocal samples to mix to your own taste, whilst also including 75x pre-mixed and processed vocal samples, including specialist Compression, EQ, De-Essing, Saturation, Pitching FX, and Reverb.


In detail, expect to find 99MB of content, with all audio recorded in High definition at 24bit & 44.1kHz. There are 152x total samples, with 75x Processed Vocal samples, and 77x Unprocessed Vocal samples.

  • Specs

    • 152 Total Samples

    • 75 Processed Vocal Samples
    • 77 Unprocessed Vocal Samples